Lynda Franklin Antiques & Interior Design

Lynda Franklin has been based in Hungerford for many years, running her antique and interior design business.

Her speciality is renovating and transforming country houses, which she loves to fill with an assortment of antiques and modern items. With her eye for detail she always manages to find that little something special.

Lynda likes to build a good working relationship with her clients and there is nothing that gives her more pleasure than to see the joy it gives them when she presents a recent gem.

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About Lynda Franklin

Lynda Franklin from an early age had an interest in colour co-ordinating and interiors, setting her on the road to becoming a serious interior designer.  Through the years she has developed a unique feel for any property, whether it be a large country house, a London apartment, or a property abroad.  With her team of excellent builders, decorators and restorers there is nothing that cannot be achieved for that special ‘Lynda Franklin’ look.

She weaves her magic with fabrics, her favourites are supplied from Bennison, Fermoie, Pierre Frey, Colefax, Fowler and Lewis & Wood.  Beautiful antique furniture is sourced from France and here in the United Kingdom.  She has wonderful style and manages to find antiques that she sells on to clients and other antique dealers.  Lynda is passionate about her designs and is known for her skill of incorporating both antique and contemporary furniture into her projects.

Lynda lived in a beautiful 17th century cottage set in a very large garden and although she loved it she felt as though she needed a change (all talented designers get itchy feet!).  So, in 2009 she decided to design and have her own house built in part of the garden.  She craved light and height. so her new house is timber framed with lots of double height glass windows.  It is stunning and of course full of her treasures collected over the years, it is warm, welcoming and elegant.  As well as being her sanctuary, this home of homes is the perfect backdrop for her business.

Lynda is an extremely talented interior designer, treasure her, she will make a house a perfect home